Myanmar junta disputes ASEAN decision on implementation of the Five-point Consensus

07 September 2023
Myanmar junta disputes ASEAN decision on implementation of the Five-point Consensus
(Photo: AFP)

The junta’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed dissatisfaction with the recent ASEAN leaders' decision regarding implementation of the Five-point Consensus, which was made at the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia this week.

Myanmar was not represented at the summit, and the junta’s ministry claims that this denial of equal representation contradicts the ASEAN Charter.

“Myanmar was not represented at the 43rd ASEAN Summit as Myanmar’s rights for equal representation were denied contradicting Article 5 of the ASEAN Charter on ‘Rights and Obligations’,” said the ministry.

The junta ministry rejected the ASEAN Leaders' decision on the Five-point Consensus, citing a lack of consideration for Myanmar's views and ASEAN’s bias in the decision-making process.

The ministry reiterates its call to ASEAN Member States to faithfully observe the provisions and core principles outlined in the ASEAN Charter, with particular emphasis on refraining from interfering in the internal matters of member states.

During the 43rd ASEAN Summit held on September 5-6, ASEAN leaders denounced the violence and assaults on civilians in Myanmar, placing direct responsibility on the ruling Myanmar junta, while host Indonesia expressed disappointment at the lack of substantial progress on an agreed-upon peace plan.

In a 19-point statement on the Myanmar crisis, it was stated that ASEAN leaders had urged the Myanmar Armed Forces and all related parties concerned in Myanmar to de-escalate violence and cease attacks on civilians, houses, and public facilities like schools, hospitals and markets.